Saturday, July 2, 2011

High metabolism? Low? Bipolar?

Sometimes I don't watch what I eat. I'll have two bowls of ice cream, a slice of pizza, and a bowl of cereal in the first two hours I'm awake. These times, I don't care if I will gain or if I will get sick. I just eat mindlessly.

And then other times I'm petrified. What if I do gain?! What if I do lose all this muscle and become flabby?!

I honestly can't tell how high my metabolism is. But I have noticed this: As much as I eat (which has increased to a lot), I won't gain immediately. However, every day, I slowly gain something. I can maybe a loss, of muscle. I gain maybe an ounce of fat. Maybe I just gain lower motivation.

And there is no denying, you are always as confident as you look. As in whatever you see best. In my personal view, it's being healthy (apple > French vanilla ice cream), taking care of your body (exercise), and presenting yourself properly (clean clothes). The best times of my life, I was very close to these attributes. Right now, I'm not.

So I'm gonna pick back up on working out, and eating healthy. I'm okay with my body now, but I won't be later if I continue this summer lag.