Saturday, July 17, 2010

Books: Summer [7/15]

1. Bookends Jane Green
Well as I mentioned in my other post, "Its about a group of friends, as told by the narrator, Cath. Her and her amazing gay friend Simon, who goes by Si, go through love and sickness together, as Si gets diagnosed, and Cath tries to find true love. An old friend comes back to shake things up in their lives. Cath and her dear old friend's wife, who she grows closer to, take it upon their dream to open a book/cafe called "Bookends"."
I really liked this book. I thought more about chasing dreams, finding the one, helping a friend, London, married couples, au pairs, and having a book store. And trust me thats a big boost to my imagination, since what I think about now didn't have much of those. I just wished it said more about books, because even though the narrator, Cath, loves to read, it didn't say much about the books themselves.
Overall 7.8/10

2. Sunday's At Tiffany's James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet
Well just like I mentioned before in my past post "Its about a lonely girl who has an imaginary friend, Michael, who accompanies her when she's gone. He's handsome, funny, and perfect. When she grows up a little, he leaves her, just as ours left us around the time of our preteens. And then, she meets him, the real Michael, years and years later. Just as handsome. Just as funny. Just as perfect. He doesn't even know why they've been reunited. Its a irresistible twisted love story about crossing boundaries of love."
This book blew me away. There was some unreality and fanatasy in it so it wasn't like a realistic journey for me. But because the fantasy wasn't overdone so it stayed true to me. I loved it's independence and romantic feel.
Overall: 8.5/10

3. Falling In Love With Natassia Anna Monardo
This book is too much for words. Its about a couple who have issues of their own, rasing a child. Not from age one, but more from age 15. Mary and Ross the parents, are ambitious people, with love on and off. Nora and Christopher are their friends who help raise Natassia, but with secrets and issues of their own. And lastly the grandparents, who raised Natassia the most.
And then theirs the BF. Who caused the Natassia all the trouble.

In this book, I learned about people and the book, in every chapter, goes deep into each character and their lives. Secret after secret, and pasts revealed. I learned more about ballet, steps to recovery, being a mother, and therapists. I learned more about the fat that the past can never be predicted. I loved this book tremoundously, and a definite recommend!

Overall: 9.5/10

4. The Time Traveler's Wife Audrey Niffenegger
By far, the one of the best books I have ever read. I saw the movie trailer, than stumbled across the book so I decided to try something new. Read the book before watching the movie. My god, the book was fantastic. The whole time traveling, going through years, and seeing the ironic events when I read about it a couple chapters ago, and then taking place when Henry (the time travler) is back into the present. Clare (the wife), was absolutely interesting to learn about. An artist, she could put feelings to words. A story of love, and tragedy. Mystery, and rebellious. I loved Henry's tactics to survive. Their classic taste. Gene therapy, and comedic events. All in all, this book is too good for words, and highly recommend. I'm gonna watch the movie soon and put a review on that too.

Overall: 9.7/10

5. A Long Way Down Nick Hornby
So this book is about four people who want to commit suicide, all different stories, living in London. Well they met ironically upon a tower with the same plan, and decide they won't commit suicide that night. They decide to wait six weeks, and decide then. Well of course, in the course of six weeks we all know, good and bad things happen. So afterwards they decide to extend the deadline to 3 months, the six weeks included, and take action from there. Well more good and more bad happens and well, I don't want to ruin the ending.
The characters, you easily fall madly in love with each of them. Nick Hornby (the author) wrote the story as each four narrated their view, and he really gets into their way of thinking. Their philosophies on topics, events and all. You start to see their points of view and understand why they're so fucked up. This book is very thought provoking!
Overall: 9.3/10

6. This Is Where I Leave You Jonathon Tropper
This book, my goodness. I really enjoyed it. About a guy whose father dies, and as a death wish, wants a shiva (Jewish). So through these seven days with his family who he's grown up, and been through ups and downs, he discovers old secrets, new secrets, pasts passsions and memories. Oh don't forget his cheating wife, who happens to also get pregnet. This book was amazing, and weeks later, still thinking about it! I highly recommend.

Overall: 10/10

7. Seven Ways To Lose Your Lover Alesia Holliday

This book was okay. Funny. Cute. A girl helps people breakup because one doesn't want to be in the relationship theres some reason they don't want to breakup with the other. So she intervenes. Also she mostly wants to get money to start her own boutique. Well one of her clients ex finds out and tries to get to the bottom. But love happens. Dun dun dun. My compliants with this book was the characters. They were so flat. No past. No future. Just then and there. There was a peek in the past when there was a mention of a death of her mother, but thats all. Also, no in depth thinking or her philsophies. I felt rushed reading this. Mostly cause I wanted to get it over with. But despite all this, I must mention, there were some good scenes. But some also bad, where there was no reason why something happened. It was like, the author was trying to create drama.

Overall: 7.5

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." - Joseph Addiso

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sketches [2/10]

1. Sophia's Eye 

2 Hours; 6.5.10
My friend requested me to do this for her. This is her actually eye, which she put really pretty makeup on.

2. Tea Party For Two

6+ Hours; 7.2.10
Took forever because I took like a three week break from it. But definitely my favorite!

"You can call painting dumb poetry if you like, but then I'll call poetry blind painting. Well what's worse, to be dumb or to be blind?"  Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, July 9, 2010

Movies [10/25]

1. Alice In Wonderland 8.7/10
Loved the costumes and the cool features. Not to mention the two overweight helpers (:

2. The Karate Kid (2010) 8.9/10
I haven't seen the orginal so there isn't much to compare it to. But , Jaden is such an amazing actor. And Jackie was always one of my favorites!

3. Memiors of A Geisha 9.8/10
I absoultely adored this movie. The cruelty to the beauty, the traditions, to the forbidden love. REC! Read the book too! 

4. The Diary of A Wimpy Kid 7.5/10
 This movie wasn't much of my style, but it was cute.
This movie was exceptionally good. Its not much of a horror movie, as much as it is a suspense/ mystery. I was hooked from the first line!
6. Ninja Assassin 8.3/10                                            
I've never seen so much fake blood. But I never seen so much gory since 13: The Game of Death. Not to mention, the main guy himself, Rain, is a hawwtttyyyy!
7. The Blind Side 9.2/10

I love Sandra Bullocks. Enough said. This movie is so touching and so sad. I was anticpating the ending, because every movie has a climax, and the suspense of the movie just added on to it. I loved it.

8. Toy Story 3 9.0/10

It was a blissful walk down memory lane for me. I loved loved it. They never changed!

9. Valentine's Day 9.8/10

One of the best love movies I have seen. Sappy, yes. But hiliarously funny, and adorablely cute. In the beginning, its like 10 different love stories, which in the end, all connect. Watch this with a love!

10. Dear John 10/10

Hands down, the best love story I have ever watched. I wish I read the book first, because the movie was so heart clenching. It didn't talk about the war as much as I thought (I'm not a war girl), and more about their sparkling romance.

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.  -Roger Ebert

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.. I got my license (:

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I have a good excuse.