Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to Arabic too?

Every senior is anticipating the college years ahead of them and to prepare, they take really easy classes. I can't function that way.

This semester my classes are AFM (math that I failed my junior year), AP Psych, AP World History and Constructive Clothing & Design honors. Online I'm taking Journalism.

I wanted to do journalism because of the fact I am not the best free hand writer in my opinion. I can manage to do average but I would like to improve it. Today was my first day of actually logging in and starting and it seemed pretty easy. I realized we were gonna discuss alot about blogs, how to write to get peoples attentions and so on. I even completed two of the 5 projects due by Friday which were mainly introductions!

But there's a class I'm yearning to take even more. It's Arabic! I'm Somali and our first language is Somali but our second is Arabic. Many moons ago I knew the language and I partially know it now. However, I am in love with the Arab culture and language and like the rest of my family, I want to be fluent. So I emailed my student advisor and she got me in enrollment!

That's calligraphic Arabic!

I'm so excited to finally be able to learn the language and I'm sure most of it will be review for the first couple of weeks but I need it!

But there's one issue! I kinda... like journalism. I did it for improvement and what not but I really am hooked by what we are gonna end up learning. It seems beneficial yet easy.

So what if I took two online courses on top of my two AP and honor class? Not to mention my "social" life?

Oh well, email has already been sent :D

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