Friday, June 11, 2010

School is over!

With exams and all this hectic last minute ambitions, I've been busy.
But I'm backkk.

I need to plan out my summer which ends on August 25, in writing. So here it is in a rough sketch.

  1. Sketching: I want to produce 10-15 new sketches by the end of summer. Simple. I want to see improvement.
  2. Dirac: I want to sew more and actually start a small business thanks to my mom's friends.
  3. Books: I want to read 15 new novels by the end of summer. And then write a minor review on what I thought. No in-depth, psychological, philisophical meanings, just simply the ups and downs of the book, whether I'd recommend them, and whether I'd read it again. Most likely I'll post them on here.
  4. Movies: I want to watch 25 movies by the end of summer. No review or anything, but I need to keep a log of them.
  5. Arabic: Once a week, a full days reading and writing.
  6. Qur'an: Finish a Juz. Juz 30.
  7. Learn some prayers to say before I do something, prayer worthy.
  8. Philsophy: Finish learning, take notes, atleast twice a week. Need to finish that darn book.
  9. Beading: Sell an hour or two's worth of jewlery at the flea market and see if I'm cut out to be a jeweler. First step: Buy equipment.
  10. Lacrosse: Play once a week.
  11. Exercise: Twice a week.
  12. Guitar: Learn 2 new songs, and play them perfectly by the time C gets back from California (late July).
This will obviously be continued...

This is the summer of 2010, you live it once, might as well make the most of it.

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