Saturday, April 16, 2011

Car accident

I survived it. Alhamduillah.

I was on my way to work and it was raining like a mother fucker. So bad I couldn't see even with the wipers on full blast. So, I decided to turn right into a neighborhood but I didn't turn well enough so I landed in someones yard in front of some trees, with a slight ditch. So of course on first instinct,

I panicked then cried.

Then after 10 mins, I called my mom, forced her to hand the phone to my dad who can keep his composure, and he came to help me.

Then he told me to drive to work after I was back on the road. What? I still couldn't see! But halfway there it was shining. There was a power outage at work so they let me go, so now I'm home safe and sou d alhamduillah.

My mom fears a post stress traumatic disorder of thunderstorms and driving.

I'm just glad I'm safe.

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