Saturday, April 16, 2011

I cannot believe it.

So everyone has discovered tumblr and twitter. Not cool.

So I'm forced to decide to join the movement or keep quiet. So here's a pro/con list.

- Recognition for what I do on the low down
- Connection with people on another level.
- Reveal myself to others

- Too much information is bad so alot of restricting to what I say.
- I don't want EVERYONE to see what I say what I think everyday.
- My privacy
- I already have em.

Soooooooo I think what'll do is this.

1. Genocide my facebook friends list
2. Genocide my twitter followers on my ED twitter
3. Make a new public twitter. Separate from my ED one
4. Look at tumblr settings to see if followers can see who I'm following. Otherwise, if not, make a new one.
5. Blogger shall remain the same foreverrrrr.

I think my public twitter will be a fail. It's like a bajillion facebook statuses. And I'm not that interesting.

However I think my public tumblr might! Just cause I already know how tumblr works ;)

Whatever happens, it's over the summer! My twitter/facebook/tumblr/blogger will be college oriented meaning followers will mostly be who I meet then.

Think about it this way. When you first meet someone and you're getting to know them, you base it off of all the information given to you. Facebook stalking, mutual friends, things they tell you, etc. 4 or 5 months later, them telling you about their weblogs with their deep thoughts or not, can be very weird and like "woah, you thought that?". So by making and establishing one before they make permanent judgements against you, seeing (and hopefully liking them) these blogs can even make the friendship stronger just because of what they know you think. Resulting in ...


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