Friday, April 8, 2011


Yesterday I finally did my housing application. At first, I wanted to dorm in Cone because it has the most freshman and I could meet more people. But I did my intensive research and looked into those "special communities" and it made so much sense!

Grogan is the one with 100% special communities like the nursing profession, making music, creative and program, yada yada. Basically this is where all the motivated and ambitious people go.

Reynolds has half and half. So it's pretty decent. And decent group of people.

Cone has only one, but that serves only 25 people out of 330, which I suspect is a group of undecided majors or rejects. And cool people. I guess. Diverse!

So I applied to the nursing one at Grogan which inshallah I'll get! That or the exploratory and health prof.


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