Thursday, March 31, 2011

My dad

Installed a family locator thing on his phone to track where I am at all times.


He told me Monday when we were at UNCG but I thought it was more of a joke. Now, in the middle of my apparel class, I get a text from Sprint telling me my dad stalks me.

It's one thing that I lie and tell him I'm somewhere else, buts another that I seriously thought he trusted me and now that I'm off to college I'd expect more freedom and trust. But we just landed back on square one, if not further back.

Not to mention last night obtained to Ahmed from 2 to 4am last night. So I'm beyond sleep deprived and ugly as shit. Then I found out that I'm missing work for a teacher stresses me out more, but the addition of my dad is making this all 10x worse.

I'm gonna talk to my mom and she was she says. Else I'm left with the option to either stop taking my phone with me everywhere or get my own. I don't know at this point. All I know is that I need to stop crying and sniffing in this class.

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