Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Open Relationships

Friday night I saw my 1 1/2 hr boyfriend, Alex.

On valentines day, he got a gf. I found out of course through facebook. We promised each other we'd notify the other but sadly, he broke his promise.

So I confronted him, he fessed up, and he just didn't know how to tell me. Of course I wasn't mad or anything.

So this Friday, when we met up, I had no clue of their relationship status. We got into a conversation about who we care about and he said he doesn't feel connected to anyone at his college, so of course- perfect moment for me to ask about the girlfriend ;).

He's still with her. -_-

BUT he doesn't think they'll last long due to her "low maturity level". Fine with me :)

So we remained good all night long, talking for hours and hours. We first went to the baseball field, then to this lane of stores and a movie theater. We went to Borders(looked at books of quotes and religion) , Rue 21 (superrrr cute clothes), Old navy( I made him try on shirts!) and this 5 below store where everything was $5 or below. We stole these one dollar key chains (just for the hell of it) that had the Taurus symbol because we both are taurus :)

Headed back to the car were he gave me an amazing massage and drive him home where he kissed me on the cheek and I talked him out of kissing me on the lips, to which he was very thankful I did. And so I'm i. :)
So what I learned:
1. He hates change(coins).
2. He is very messy with folding clothes.
3. He's good with massages.
4. Dangerous to my car.
5. Safe to be around when in a relationship :)


The matching stolen keychain :)

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