Monday, March 28, 2011


As excited as I don't look right now, I am!

Today, my parents and I are visiting UNC-G! I'm 90% already going there anyways so I'm gonna take careful notes.

Shit I didn't print the things to ask list I wanted to ask. But no fear, this Saturday, there is an orientation for admitted students and things they need to know for college.

Things I'm curious about right now:
-Strength of the medicine program
-Roommate assignment
-Classes and times
-Honor classes
-online classes

My ideal schedule is about 6 or 7 classes a week. Why? I like school. Hate.
Anyways. An 8am class is perfectly fine. Considering if I have a 9 or 10am class after, and if I have time to stop by to switch loads of books or not. Then I would like to seduce my classes all in-between 8am to 3pm. I am not a fan of a night class. If I must, I'm okay with it, but just like high school, I'd rather complete it all at once. I can fit in 8 one hour classes in there, so my ideal schedule fits.
I would typically like (if I had 6 classes) for 4 of then to be core (math, English, a science, maybe two?) and the other two to be an elective (ballet, piano) haha.

I already know this:
I want to do piano asap. Vocal music can wait till second semester.
Not doing bio and chem in the same semester.
Try to find honor classes if I can. English probably.
Art classes for sure

I don't know how many I should do? I mean yea, let the first semester sink in and let things get settled, so maybe one or two? MSA definitely.

Sports ever in college? Hahahahahahha. No. Too intimidating. Maybe a club or find some friends who play womens lacrosse.

One thing I want to get good at is networking. Enough said.

Now, I'm gonna study for my psych test tmw, update later!

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