Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"You may not graduate"

I spent hours studying for AFM. I failed it junior year and now again in senior hear, I'm failing. So I got a tutor who explained everything to me. She really helps me and everything! Yet when it got to the test, I got a 52. How?

So I wet to see my councilor, finally, and broke down. Unfortunately I can't change the class. In fact if I don't pass, I don't graduate.

But, aha! I've got an option! An escape!

I still have to stay in AFM unfortunately. However I can do independent study! That way I'll be on a college tech path (thanks to apparel classes!) instead of 4 yr college path! Even though I'm accepted by UNCG, it's okay! This time though, I have to learn it by myself.

I figured out and so did my councelors, that I'm an independent learner. And it's true. I tend to zone with when there is people around, and avoid full learner cause it's less intimidating. So at this point it's safe to say, I will graduate and hopefully UNCG will be okay if I still failed.


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