Friday, March 4, 2011


So apparently it exists.

I got a math tutor because I'm already failing it and I can't fail it again! I'm not focusing 100% as I should. This is why colleges look at your third semester grades. They are full aware of senioritis that hits students that they want to make sure of they let go, they don't completely let go!

Same applies for me in AP world history and AP Psych. I don't take notes and yet I am too lazy to read afterwards. I'm pretty sure I bombed my AP Human Geography test for some reason.

I'm gonna have to hold on a bit and focus a lot harder if I want to remain on the road of the colleges and avoid a "just kidding, you're rejected" letter later!

But one thing that gets me is senioritis' effect on EVERYTHING. I can't perform hobbies and leisure stuff as easily as I used to. I stopped volunteering at the library in November(full year) and I've also quit leisure reading. Tonight, I didn't have work or go out. I planned to make shumshumo yet I napped all day. I was technically was supposed to belabysitting too. I'm horrible.

I don't like this. I'm lazier than ever. I don't do shit. I'm just trying to at this point make it to the weekend without crashing. I get by with sleep deprivation with forceful naps and intense and useless cramming.

A friend, not a teacher/parent/doctor explained cramming sessions with all nighters are pointless. I can't tell you how much that makes sense. I really need to adjust my schedule with sleeping and studying.

- AFM: doesn't really matter much, just learn and understand everything every night
-AP Psych: read ahead to atleast not having to write everything in notes. Start now!!
-Apparel: LOL
-Arabic: Just do the work. On time.

This way I can develop a really good habit for college. I thought learning how to remain alive without sleeping would do the trick but I think I nap so much because I am so sleep deprieved to the point a nap won't but me on track. Accumulatively I need to sleep on proper hours and wake up fine. Even about waking up, its so damn hard! Faiza wakes me up 4-5 times before it's more like "Oh shit."!

I may be a little less cranky and moody as I have been lately.

So with better sleeping patterns, and smarter studying habits, senioritis might go away and I can enjoy my last youthful year in the crazy world of high school.


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