Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I eat too damn much.

Last semester, fasting and restricting was simple. To start off, I had no lunch friends to eat with. Except for one who was unintentionally bossy and put me in awkward positions such as leaving (by walking back to school), ten minutes early to meet her boyfriend. This cause me to shove any food down my throat and grab my shit and go. And it was annoying after a while. So the library was heaven for me.

This semester I eat with 3 main girls and a few who join on and off. We have access to a car meaning more fast food places and we're a group meaning majority (who are already hungry) wins. Temptation sucks.

So in order to remain friends and have something to do during the lunch period I go along. This has resulted in two major problems.

I got paid Friday so my spending account rose to $155. Today I checked it and it's $79. I cannot imagine where I spent it all. I know 30 for sewing stuff...
Point being, I spend way too much on food! I'm supposed to be saving this for college and car fiancees. Fuck me. Weekends included, after work, anytime. If I can stop by, I'll buy it. Worst is I don't even think logically and base it off of my hunger. How many times have I thrown away food because I was just too full. Waste. I could save a lot just by not spending.

Before the semester started, I was about 112lbs. Now I'm 116. Yes it could be worst. And yes my butt and boobs got bigger, but so is my waist and thighs. Not too estatic about that. I was walking back too class (chickfila in my hands) and I saw my legs. It's disgusting. My inner thighs aka the hardest fat to lose, were not only touching but were squished. I was slightly disgusted and lost my appetite for a second/ just a second.

off topic: I wonder if guys look at the inner thighs area same as they look at the chest area for a girl. I'd slap a bitch.

I need to figure out a solution.

Money wise. I need to progress slowly in saving. I go off for lunch 5/5 days of the week. I'm going to try for next week to spend only 3/5. The sad part is that our own designated driver hardly buys out. Intact she brings a granola bar or if she feels hungry, buys small fries. Mostly because she's a vegetarian. So it shouldn't be hard for me to mimic her. So I think I'll chose Tuesday's (traditional) Shorties (plus a friend always pays for me teehee), Wednesday Chickila "WOW Wednesdays" (cheaper if student), and Fridays wherever we go. So finically I'll be spending $7-$10 a week. But that's just step one! Also, I'm gonna start bringing my own drink to save a buck or two. :D
Weight wise, I need to start working out. Let me start with once a week. Most applicable days would be Monday's, wednesdays, and thursdays. I think I'll start on Monday though. Now, I should focus on treadmill. 500 cals burned. And 30 ab crunches. Not too difficult. Then I'll progress.

In two or so weeks, I hope to be a little bit skinner, a little bit wealthier, and a little be happier.

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