Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh boy

Alex. The guy who I have a huge crush on. I pretty much would marry this guy if he was Muslim and sadly part of the reason I applied to UNCG, to which I got accepted. Thankfully I have other major reasons, and he was just a bonus.

Random: the group next to me is talking about a girl sitting in front of them loudly and TO THE TEACHER! It's funny :)

Anyways, so this guy has a girlfriend. I guess he asked her out yesterday on Valentines day, cute, and didn't tell me.

We were in an open relationship. Because of our distance, we aren't inclined to each other but we know our limits. We even talked about it, if one of us had a gf/bf. We'd put our friendship first. Which in my opinion is one of the best things one can do to hold on to someone.

So, I'm a little hurt, but it's nothing I can't forget about. Actually it's given me that motivational boost to start fasting and working on my image more. Cause I've kinda just let go. Just a little.

As far as other boys, I'm still annoyed with Ib cause I miss his maturity from when we first met. Today he called me 3 times and told me last that he couldn't stop thinking about me cause I'm "attractive". Then what about my mind?

And another guy Cam, he's a cutie. He makes me silly inside cause he has looks to kill for. He's white but has a gangster swag. But things could never be serious between us. But he's so fine!

Boys, go to hell for distracting me.

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