Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work work work!!

Over the summer, I'm gonna have to work full time!

I've accepted my okayness in going to UNCG in case ECU rejects me (which inshallah they don't!). Also, I need to start discussing plans to visit these colleges before I accept one, and I know for sure it'll be sometime in April before I choose one in May. Time to bug my dad hardcore.

Also, I really want a car. Pay it off and start going places! Today and last week, I covered a shift for a coworker, and they were from 2:30-7:30. School ends at 2:18. So my friend drove me though she had an appt. Bless her.

Lastly I can't stop daydreaming about college, all the traveling and independence. I talked to my mom and she seems very trusting get worried of me. Good enough :)

So connection of all this to work: if I want to have fun and do the things in my daydreams, I need MONEY!

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