Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a week.

So many things have gone wrong this week alone. I'm glad it's over but im dreading next week.

I'm very family oriented. I think it's important to have a huge family and stick around as long as you can. But lately, I've been as far away as possible. On my days off, I go out. If I don't go out, I stick myself in my room and don't come out. Every time I get out of my room, I just regret it because I'm stuck in a hour long lecture, have to do chores, or get in a argument with my mom. So it's better to stay in my room as ling as possible. Another thing is my dad. Over the years he works from before I get home from school till after I go to bed. So I actually see him on Sunday's and Monday's which are his days off, and Saturday's before he leaves. Unlike most cases, this doesn't phase me. I briefly talk to him and we mostly talk about my grades. My mom even said he needs to get to know his daughters personalities. Which is extremely true. If I told him a joke, that could possibly offend something, he'd be shocked. Of I gave him a hug, he'd be suspicious all week. Therefore, I don't bother. So lately due to work, and school, and my alieness, I've been talking to him less. This morning before work, I briefly told him hi, and he got mad I woke up late, ending with "bye, I'll call when I get to work", to which my sister picked up. So I'm very distant at this point from my family, and it's quite heartbreaking.

There was a death at my school. It was one of those surreal things that no one expects to happen to them. She was a senior, a daughter, a girlfriend, the enviormental president, and a friend to everyone. Now she's gone due to heart failure which was very sudden and shocking. The person j keep focusing on that might just miss her and can't believe her death is her boyfriend. Hes in my class so I'll see him everyday. They were together for 9+ months and I'm sure it's gonna be tragic. My school is hosting a talent show in her name, donations, and a tree planted. RIP Katie. I hope everyone is fine.

Best friend
I got a epiphany thinking she didn't care too much about me and my thoughts and my dreams. She realized her mistake and we are still really good friends. I don't want to get in depth with it really, besides the fact I was really going to consider giving up on her once and for all.

Oh, Alex.
This guy. He can send me mixed messages like no one else! He texts me "Hey." and I feel like he's upset or not willing to talk, and he won't even reply sometimes! Yet as soon as I skype him or call him, I can't help but fall a little a bit in live with him.

This guy pisses me off. I used to like him, got over him, now he likes me. He does the obvious teasing and bugging like every big with a crush. But he's slightly is immature and he kinda keeps pissing me off.

New lunch crew includes a car to fatty fast food places. So I've gained maybe 3 lbs, I'm afraid of the scale, and I'm not into it. I don't know what to do.

So exhausted.

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  1. It's so common-too common- for fathers to easily get disconnected. &its not fair sometimes. I really hope you can reconnect with him.

    If you are sure she's not there for you, I don't think that's a healthy relationship. Who needs it?

    Weight, best friends &boys. Ughhh!
    Falling in live! Ughh!
    Crazy stuff. I wish you the best!