Sunday, May 22, 2011

I went on a "date".

Alex H and I.

Lied about work. Finished the waist band on my skirt for school, messingly. Bought a necklace and average stockings. And wasted ALOT of gas.

No significant thing happened.

We watched a movie instead of the original plan of the flea market. In the beginning it was boring but after this suspenseful part, he finally wrapped his arms around me. It was nice. Then laid his hands on my thigh. But, I would have liked him to stroke my legs. Hope that isn't weird.

But that's basically how romantic we got. Though this is the third "date. I think he assumed it was just us chilling.

We talked alot about college but nothing in particular. Our conversation had basically no meanings..

It wasn't good for a date, but it was perfect for hanging out.

Oh and Nour and I fought again because I canceled plans on her, which I had to be because I was already late.

I'm not caring.

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