Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of High School

Today was my last day of stepping foot on Cary High property for the sake of being called a student!

I had a math exam today. Here's the story behind math right now. I made an F last quarter(68.3%) and a D this quarter (76%). On the exam I had to get atleast a 70% if I calculated correctly to pass the class. Why is passing the class so important? It's my last credit I need to go to UNCG! Also, even if it wasn't, it would help to not get my acceptance letter revoked!

My exam went really well I believe. I knew most of the formulas and stuff so it was cool until the end when I realized I just looked over the last units rather than the intense I did the rest. So I skipped two and winged it. I want to say I may have gotten a 80% but I'm gonna just go for passing!

Then I got an approval to not come to the Monday exam review for an exam I'm not taking. So I am never stepping foot on Cary as a student!

Then finished off with yearbook signing and cheezeits with frosting :)

I really hope I pass. I've worked hard and HE EVEN COMPLIMENTED ME FOR IMPROVEMENT! Hopefully he isn't so anal.

I find out tomorrow afternoon :x

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