Monday, June 20, 2011

Workout Plan

It's been ten days since I graduated and I still have not done one ab crunch or a single jog. When will I start?

I think I'll plan my week now.

Today: Guest and movie with my family tonight.
Tuesday: Work in the evening
Wednesday: Nothing
Thrusday: Nothing
Friday: Work in the evening
Saturday: Work in the evening

Okay, so here's the options:
- Ab workout
- treadmill
- leg lifts
- belly dancing
- weights

So heres the workout plan for this week:

Today: end the night with ab and leg workouts
Tuesday: Morning treadmill fast walk 3 miles
Wednesday: treadmill run/walk 100 mins
Thrusday: weights and ab workouts
Friday: Morning jog treadmill 3 miles
Saturday: Morning jog treadmill 3 miles

Anddddd break!

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