Friday, June 10, 2011

Post Graduation

I achieved it!! I felt it! I was... moved!

I got that shiny piece of paper declaring my end of high school. It was magical. So here's the timeline of it all:

9:25am: decide to get out of bed

9:45am: Sulayman comes to my door, though I was texting his sister about ride arrangements, and asked me in his loud manly voice if I wanted to ride with him. Excuse, my dad is upstairs. I was gonna go with my family (and Nour) around 1:30pm and have then enjoy waiting an hour and a half. But after I explained this to my parents, they decided to let me go with him.

11am: Nour finally arrives. I taught her how to walk in heels! She ended up hating them afterwards though. And she started to get ready about an hour before me! I'm just sitting there on twitter and she's panicking over her nails!

12:30pm: Nour gets a call from her mom saying how she has a book fine. Minutes of echoing screams in Arabic, she got this situation fixed. You see, we don't get our diplomas if we have a book fine. Well this fine wasn't supposed to be for a book since she turned hers in, but rather a calculator. Problem: fixed!

1:30pm: As agreed, I left to meet Sulayman at his house, and get a ride. So I got my dad to drive me 10 seconds there (excuse me, swear and heels? No.). Well, he's not even home. So I'm sitting in Aisha's room watching her get ready, when he comes around 1:40pm. Okay, no problem, but he decided to shave... wearing his white shirt. Blood. On the shirt. Panicky mom. Mind you we have to be there by 2, and guess when we left? 2. As we left, he said we'd be there by 2:20, he promised. As we passed my house, I saw my family entering the car -_- On top of that, he's a crazy driver! Stickshift, at 80 mph average. We almost crashed too, lovely. Finally we pulled into the parking lot and parked at.. 2:20pm exactly.

3pm: After finally finding my place and calming down, we started! It was beautiful. The anthem was done beautiful! The speeches didn't even fail to have the funny personalities we usual have. Thilman (principal) even added to add the staff now on twitter! Kylie introduced Safiyah (valedictorian) and she was crying by the end! Safiyah's speech also was the most amazing. She quoted "Fireworks" by Katy Perry, and talked about how people don't get her name right. But all in all, inspirational! Then, we walked the stage. It was nerve racking. Remember that "Don't clap till the end" rule? Yea, after 1/4 of the class got their diplomas, the rule was instantly dropped! Thank god I'm the first ten! My name was pronounced it's correct way, part of my mission to go by it more! And walking off, I almost tripped. Classy. Dad and Iman both have a video.

4:30pm: I got my diploma, and took a lot of pictures. Dad hugged me hard, quite emotional. MY MOM SAID HI TO MARIO! Yea, Nour did not really tell him she was coming. I met his mom, so pretty! Dad turned around and patted his chest before saying congrats with a handshake and Mario looked so scared (I was told). I'm not surprised, he's afraid of my dad! My family also met Yodit! MARCELL HUGGED ME IN FRONT OF MY DAD! Yea, please, don't ever do that! We left and Nour got to stay the whole ceremony, and her dad picked her up at the parking lot. Which sucked because of the backed up cars.

6pm: GOLDEN CORRAL! It was delicious. I had 4 plates. And I ran into kenyan Philip too!

9pm: Couldn't breathe or move due to the excessive food intake. Purge.

10pm: Arabic! I've improved!

All in all, FANTASTIC day! I got a phone call from Aunt Katro as well! I don't need presents and overwhelming glory. I'm glad I achieved what I got today. And with that, good night!

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