Monday, June 6, 2011

Today I had a hookup.

This is not for bragging purposes or such. Just documenting to remember 20 years from now.
Could result in a weak stomach.

Today I had a date/hookup with Ibrahim. He's a soccer player with a nice body, but he's also very smart!

Anyways, almost 8 mos of on and off flirting we decided to hookup and today it happened! He took me to yopop, a Chinese frozen yogurt Place similar to Pink near my house, I drove. And paid for myself.

Then back to my car to mess around. Details written down make me feel awkward but basically he's aggressive, persistent, fast, and his pen0r could rip me in half. However I did make him cum with out taking my clothes off. That's a personal achievement.

Then he had the decency to wall post a very beautiful girl he met once while he was with me asking to hang out soon. Please, you're still horny aren't you?

He constantly complains about how some girls think he's a player. I'm just like


But I went to Nours house after and watched Arab stand up comedy. That was hilarious!

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