Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Somalia.

Ello :)

So yesterday I planned to fast.
But noooooo. My dad wanted pizza for lunch. So I couldn't get out. And the religious reason couldn't be used, because it was way to late, and I could tell my mom.

By the way, the religious reason was because of Ramadan. It was back in Sept/Oct '09, and you fast everyday for a month, from sunrise to sunset. You break your fast with a date (fruit) and water, then my family usually eats a big dinner (which I usually purge). If you miss a day, you have to make it up. For females, you can't fast while you're on your period, so you usually make up those days. I missed like a week I'm sure. Overall, this holiday is festive, and brings everyone closer together. Its the one month my family eats dinner together. 

Anywhoos, I ended up having 2 egg salads, which were SODAMNGOOD, and then I went to a Somali welcoming party. 

Let's talk about our parties for a second. 
My mom made me wear a traditional dress, diraa. This is me last summer, on my way to my aunts wedding:

Gawjuss ain't it? That's what I'm wearing this Saturday, for my uncles wedding. I really like diraas because its a 3 piece dress. The orange thing (aka huge ass scarf) around my head (gbarsar), the colorful white/orange/blackish brown dress (diraa) and the skirt underneath because diraas are totally transparent (gonno), is a complete traditional Somali dress. Manyyyyy different colors, and styles. Oh and did I mention, these dresses are freaking EXPENSIVE! When we went to Paris, France last summer, my mom spent 400 euros on the gabarsar! WTF! So I'm definitely getting in on this business!

Well my mom and I didn't leave for the party which started at 8, until 9pm. Late ain't it? Yeah, Somali's love to be fashionibly late. Well what if everyone at the whole party was Somali? The party didn't start till 10.. smh. 

But we started dancing and eating. I was the youngest there... my mom was definitely right when she said only ladies her age were going to be there. And it was an all-girls (er.. women's) party. I had fun though. 

There's a wedding coming up and I need to learn how to dance traditionally. You get major points in the Somali community if you know how to master these dances. Last night, I barely danced. Not because I was shy, oh god no, but because there were no girls my age that I can be daring with, because all my life I've been in this community, I've done nothing but impress these old Somali ladies with my maturity, simplicity, lady-like manners, and shyness. Now.. this Saturday, at the wedding. I'M GOING OFF! 

Plus. I like getting dolled up ;) 

Let us observe what shall occur... 

A beach in southern Somalia

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  1. "then my family usually eats a big dinner (which I usually purge)."
    ...of course. I don't know why I thought this was a little funnny. Something's wrong with me.

    Same thing about black people, they say we have our own time...teehee!

    Dassa pretteh smile!!!!!

    You shouls totally dance your bum off! It sounds like fun, I've never been to a Somalian wedding. :(