Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Wedding.

Was really great. 
A lot of the ladies were stingy, but I made my mom proud, as well as my sisters, because we danced the traditonal dance in the name of her honor.

 My mom and I

And I saw my friend which I hardly see anymore, and she is sickness prone. Making her sick again last night.

My friend Afrah and I

I sowed my aunt's dress and she ended up wearing another. She called and she said that she would have worn it but she didn't have matching jewelry. But she called me today and thanked me. I felt special. 

And the bride looked so pretty, and she was shy all night.

The bride and I 

What I'm wearing is what a dirac looks like. I like them. It fit perfectly.

Honestly, I'm more enthusiastic about something else...

I have a new idea...

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