Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hello loves :)

I'm a fan of blogs. Every since 2 years ago, I discovered them, I've been more obsessed about reading what you're up to. I don't know you, but I want to know what you're doing. What you're seeing. What you're eating. What you're feeling.

So I started a blog, but it was mostly for my eating disorder. Every time I talked about something else, I'd find a way to relate to my eating disorder. So for this blog, I would like to talk more about my other life. My eating disorder would be included, but I will talk about other things too. I got a twitter and a xanga for my ED stuff. :)

Let's start with the basics:
My name is Yasmin. I'm seventeen as of May 8th. I love to read, and listen to music. Doesn't everybody? But no, I have a sick obsession with books. And even crazier to add new music everyday to my 4GB iPod. But don't worry, I'm making it work!

So some people I'll introduce that you'll see frequently in this blog. Others I mention that aren't on this list, will be introduced as I go along :)

The Girls:
  1. Nour: My best friend. She's Lebanese, and one crazy ass chick! She's Muslim like me, and we understand each other completely. She can tell if I'm lying if I say "I'm fine.". Its great to have a friend like her :)
  2. Casey: My old best friend. We still are, but Nour is closer to me. Nour and Casey don't know each other, but know the other exsistance and a couple of stories I've told. I love her, but our ways of thinking, and interpretation on things are beyond far from each other.
  3. Hira: I love this girl. She's stunning, and gets all the boys. But she's very self-concious. I feel like shit next to her when we are ready to go out and she complains about herself. Kills me, but she is a type of friend you need. Unexplainable for now. 
  4. Aisha: She's my baby sister. Not really but me and her go way back! She's very straight up, but an angel. 
The Boys:
  1. Alex Y: He's younger than me, but he's a really close friend. I  really care about him, and once liked him. But now he likes me. He has had quite a life. 
  2. Alex H: I like him. I probably always will. A Kid Cudi look alike, and imagination larger than a preschooler, he's like my perfect match. But we'll never be together.. 
  3. Brandon: My Mexican twin. He's just like me. Well our way of thinking is. I wish he was my best friend. But he's so caught up in other things. But we are goood friends. We learn alot from each other (mostly me from him).
  4. Ahmed: My pen pal in MN. We just talk as much as we can on Facebook. I really like him, but more like a friend. I don't believe in long distance relationships unless they started out in presence. But anyways, talking to him is amazing. He's SUPER smart, and debating with him is a challenge. 
  5. Markus: He's this guy that we knew in elementary school .Messaged me one day, went on a date two weeks later. Because of my religion (Islam), I can't or rather shouldn't have been dating. He knew it all along and when I told him we'd never work out, he's been "fighting" and keeps talking to me. He's a REALLY sweet guy, but I'm trying to be more faithful and more balanced with my religion. 
Well that's all about them for now. 

Enjoy my posts :)

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